Since kicking off his photographic journey on Instagram in 2013, Benji Condie has gathered a fan base of thousands. In response to his rising social media profile, Benji launched his website BenjiAus.com in 2014

A former national swimmer and water polo champion, Benji stems from a generation of sportsmen and was brought up on wholesome food and a holistic lifestyle in the NSW coastal town of Byron Bay.

This is evident in his directional site that is a coalescence of Benji’s health, fitness and fashion philosophy. Currently based in Sydney, Benji is a digital influencer, consultant and Stylist, and shares his passions and personal vision of the fashion industry on his blog Benjiaus.com

BenjiAus.com combines Benji’s exploration of new fitness trends and the latest foodie haunts, with his love of fashion and design – Benji is a stealth trend spotter and puts a new spin on street style by effortlessly mixing statement designer pieces with casual basics –the result is a homegrown talent that speaks to the next generation of fashionistas who collectively covet their wardrobe as much as their wellbeing.