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Why So Suede’y

March 14, 2016

Happy Birthday to me! Yes it’s true, since my last post I’ve unintentionally grown one year older to the ripe old age of 23! (It was the 5th of March, keep it in your diaries). What did I do you ask? Well I had a lovely little dinner with 10 of my nearest and dearest the night before my actual birthday, then carried on drinking with other friends at a different venue. Why the night before your birthday you ask? Well because whether this is a blessing or a curse, my special day this year and nearly every other year, falls on the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade #QueRainbow. So basically I’m told Sydney throws a huge party and parade in my honour! Which is why I celebrate the night before #BuzzKill.

In-between growing one year older and now, I got to shoot this awesome Suede Jacket from Topman, which is the feature piece in this new outfit post. It’s amazing how much more put together an outfit becomes when you add a layer (or in some looks remove multi-able layers) in this case a simple jacket is all that is needed to create a more polished and in-depth look!



Topman Suede Jacket

ASOS White Basic T-shirt

Nudie Jeans

Aquila Leather Loafers

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Photography: Johhny Nicoladias


GUESS the Time.

December 14, 2015

Firstly no this isn’t a guessing game based around clock faces and time charts! It’s to do with the forever changing technology available to us today. I swear give it 10 more years and probably every item sitting in your vicinity will have the word Smart place in front of it’s name. As the world continues to progress into the future, technology has been right by our sides. With such a huge demand for anything that can make our lives easier, faster, more efficient, the rate at which technology has kept up and in some cases overtaken is outstanding!

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Off to the Races

October 15, 2015


With Spring Racing well and truly in full swing, Melbourne Cup is just around the corner. Gents, it’s time to dust off those Summer Suits and put your best hoof forward. We can’t let the ladies steal the limelight!

Now being a guy I understand the last thing you feel like doing on a hot summers day is layering up, #SweatyMess, while the ladies can slip into a slinky number and look a million bucks. But I’m here to help with 2 simple tips.

FABRICS: Cotton and Linen or blends such as silk and cotton are your best friends when it feel like you’re sitting on the surface of the Sun! Cotton is durable and absorbs sweat (helps body odour), while linen, though creases easier, is extremely lightweight and ideal for the warmer weather.

COLOUR: It’s a no brainer when picking the blue-collar workers out from the crowd – they’re the ones dressed in Dark Navy, Pitch Black, Dark anything… and if you’re trying to give yourself heat stroke go right ahead. Que. High School science class, learning about the colour spectrum and the colours which absorb the most sunlight. Experiment with natural tones, Greys, Blues, Beige, anything that exudes Summer!

To finish it all off, don’t forget a nice pair of Shades – if you’re feeling adventurous try a Fedora. Lastly remember to have fun , and go easy on the booze!

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