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1200W-2500WCity lights
Detail Info

Applicable places: widely used in the gym, hotel, park green space, amusement parks, tourist attractions, tall buildings, squares, castle, skyscrapers, holiday village, television tower, all kinds of large outdoor performances, building cover, large square, entertainment water table (pool), and the background lighting of low-rise buildings.

Technical parameters:

2 kw, 3 kw, 4 kw 1200 w to 2500 w

Color change system: CMY color mixture + infinite brake light

Communication signal: DMX512

Channel: 8 channel

Protection grade: IP55, 44

Features: wide beam type floodlight, imported reflector, the built-in automatic demo application, many sets of group control can meet controller programming.

Power supply: AC220V, 50 hz

Power specifications: 2000 w / 3000 w / 1200 w to 2500 w (xenon lamp)

Lamp life: 600 hours

Color temperature: 6500 ok

The dimming range: 0-100%

Projection Angle: X.Y: 50.8 o x 19 o

Applicable range: 50 m

Packing size: 600 * 750 * 770 (mm)

Light weight: 90 kg


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