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009 MAX384 amount control table
Detail Info

DMX512/1990 standard, 384 DMX control channel, photoelectric isolation signal output.

Each lamp control up to 30 amount at the same time, the maximum of 32 control channel, using dynamic light site Settings.

Built-in graphics trajectory generator (SHAPE), convenient and users for the amount of graphics trajectory control, the picturesque central, gradient circle, line, eight words, waves, etc multiple effect, graphics parameters (e.g., speed, size, development, direction) can be set independently.

Go 30 light procedure, every procedure step up to 100. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent control (SWING) or manual tempo music synchronization control.

Program can be run at the same time 2 go lights, 30 preset scenes, and at the same time for 30 amount for lamp operation.

Equipped with MEM - CARD interface, users can use the MEM - save your valuable data on flash memory CARD.

Backlit LCD display of the operation parameters.

Shutdown data keep

Power supply: AC90-250 - v / 50 to 60 hz high-performance green switching power supply.

Volume: 485 x267x85mm

Weight: 4.8 kg

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