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1024 Chinese amount charged
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Large-screen LCD display, use Chinese/English menus operation mode

Maximum 1024 DMX control channel, DMX512/1990 standard, photoelectric isolation signal output.

And biggest dimming control 180 amount or 180 road.

Each lamp largest 42 control channel, using lights library mode (library) compatible with "pearl" lamp.

Largest store 400 repeat procedure is divided into 40 pages, 200 teams, 210 preset data, 100 snapshot.

Built-in graphics (SHAPE) direct key, effectively support the field change effects.

Built-in graphics generator, the convenient user to control the effect of amount, picturesque, waves, aperture effect, the brightness, and support the graphic overlay, deformation, and special effects.

Speed synchronization control program: optional internal, external or MIDI control speed, music synchronization.

Using the command line operating mode, make the control more convenient.

With VGA display interface (display selected), detailed intuitive man-machine interface, make the control more easily.

Take the USB data interface, support U disk data backup and system upgrades, a file system compatible with WINDOWS XP.

Power supply: AC100-240 - v / 50 to 60 hz 25 w, high-performance green switching power supply, meet the requirements of power supply around the world.

Size: 500 * 525 * 150 mm. 8.8 / kg


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