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300WBeam of light
Detail Info

Bulb: 300 w gas discharge bubble (8000 k, 8000 hour service life)

MSD GOLD 300 Fast Fit Lamp

Philips MSR GOLD 300/2 Mini fast Fit

Voltage: 210 v / 230 v / 245 v / 50 hz, 208 v / 230 v / 60 hz

Power: 500 w control: the controller switch bulb or manually switch the light bulb.

Ballast: traditional ballast, electronic ballast (optional)

Transformer, electronic transformer

CMY automatic color mixing system, the speed is adjustable

Main color wheel: 8 + 1 main color with white, with a 2500 k and 3200 k color temperature correction

Pattern plate: 8 + 1 (white) fixed pattern, can be replaced

Stroboscopic: independent stroboscopic channel, 1-10 per second, built-in macro function

Dimming: independent dimming channel: 0-100% linear dimming

X/Y axis movement range: 5400 X axis, Y axis (2800), X/Y axis with automatic error correction function independent of X/Y axis speed regulation, the built-in various macro functions

Display: LED display, background light adjustable (10-100%), can turn off light (press any key to restore the background light)

Control mode: DMX512 or WDMX

The control channel: 12 ch

Signal input/output: 3 or 5 core XLR

Overall size: 378 * * H631mm W396

Weight: 25 KGS / 19 KGS



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