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AP3000-12 road X4KW - digital silicon box (3 u)
Detail Info

Technical parameters:

(1) power supply: three-phase five wire AC380V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz frequency plus or minus 5%.

(2) the signal interface: digital double DMX - 512 (1990)

(3) power rating: 12 x 4 kw. Each loop maximum output power can be up to 4 kw.

(4) the overall dimensions (mm) : L515 * W485 * H133, single weight: 19 kg.

Function characteristics:

1. At the heart of the thyristor device chip of silicon box is the German original installation import materials, stable and reliable performance.

2. Good heat dissipation device and forced air cooling combined with intelligent environmental control system.

3. Efficient anti-interference choke strong anti-jamming ability, low noise, current rise time 220 us. Us - 450.

4. Each 4 kw output, a total of 12 road, the starting loop setting, preheating &#118alue setting.

5. The dimming curve can set it to linear or switch state, switch &#118alue of 50%, the brightness of the switch state input &#118alues greater than or equal to 50% when corresponding output circuit of the output, otherwise no output.

6. High marks broken air switch overload and short circuit of dual protection.

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