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5R.2R scanning light
Detail Info
Voltage: AC90-240v, 50 / 60HZ
Color temperature: 8500K
Light source: Taiwan 5R bulb, light bulb average life 1500H (according to the specific use of the decision)
Using Philips original lights
Stunning double coated octagonal prism, can be positive and negative rotation. Pattern film with jitter effect
Color: 13 colors + white, half color effect
Roller rotation: clockwise, counterclockwise Promise rotation, high-speed rotation of the drum can be made into a smooth effect, the drum level of 330 °, vertical 95 ° smooth scan, adjustable speed, fast scanning speed.
Strobe: two-chip strobe (0.5-12 seconds / time), with a random strobe function
DMX512 channel: 15CH
LED LCD large screen display, can switch in English
Appearance: high temperature plastic + molded alloy material
Protection class: IP20 built-in thermal protection device
Size: 497 * 315 * 250mm
Weight: 8kg
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