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18 a 4 in 1 full color lamp
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Each LED the theory of life expectancy of 50000-100000 hours, unlimited colors blend in the RGB color system

Upgrade features using cast aluminum lamp body structure design and wind cooling system, good heat dissipation performance

High-speed electronic adjustment stroboscopic can reach 1 to 25 times/SEC or random stroboscopic; RGB color mixture evenly system and rainbow effect, can be obtained by adjusting the color temperature control station

More rich and colorful color;

Applies: a television studio, theater, opera house, auditorium, runway, stage performances, concerts, concert, etc places background light and stage design

Revolutionary area staining of lamps and lanterns (completely replace traditional: dyeing shook his head lamp, back light, spotlight, soft light, floodlight etc. Large dyeing lamp

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Work maximum allowable temperature 40 ℃, the highest surface temperature of equipment: 60 ℃

Protection grade: IP20

The shell material: aluminum alloy

Projection distance: 6 m

Light source: super brightness LED, 18 four oneness all lights bead life 100000 hours

Electronic dimmer from 0-100% (no color), stroboscopic high white light or change color, 1-13 hz frequency

Maximum temperature: 40 ℃

The headlight: body temperature 60 ℃

Agreement: the USITT DMX - 512

The control channel: 7

Control mode selection: DMX, trigger automatically

Operation mode: synchronous master-slave machine, single since, voice control

Data input/output: the 3 pin money

The input voltage: 90-250 - v AC, frequency: 47-63 - hz

Fuse: TO. 8 a

Maximum power: 160 w

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