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120 LED Moving Head Beam Light
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Technical parameters:

16 DMX512 control channel: the channel

Voltage AC110/220 v, 50 to 60 hz

Light source: 120 1 w / 3 w high brightness LED lamp bead

Color: red: 30, blue: 30, green: 30, white 30

Power consumption: 120 w / 380 w

The lamp with 120, each 1 w / 3 w high power LED

Each LED lived to an average of 100000 hours

Low power consumption

Super brightness, as ordinary discharge bubble, no limit of rich bright beautiful colour.

Chassis adopts streamlined modern PC engineering plastic shell, a molding.

Infinite RGB color mixing system

15 to 25 degrees optional beam Angle.

High-speed electronic stroboscope adjustment can reach 1 to 18 times/autumn

Tuned optical channel can control three primary colors of light and shade change.

Fuselage, control panel, digital display font can rotate 180 degrees, is suitable for moving head light flat or hang to try

With functions of automatic operation, music control function, with eight procedures can be DMX control is activated

Regulations for CE and UL standard

Size: 460 x360x410mm

Net weight: 18.8 kg

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