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1200W Moving head light -18CH2
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Technical parameters

18 control channel, standard DMX512 signal

LCD English display system, can be very intuitive set personalization capabilities.

Color plate 2, white color + 7, one-way rainbow effect

Fixed pattern plate of 1, has the pattern jitter, one-way flow effect

1, pattern plate rotating pattern jitter, one-way flow effect

Prism prism plate 1, a variety of choice, mirage effect of god

Effect 1, temperature (6000 k), temperature (3200 k), atomization, prism effect

0 ~ 100% linear mechanical dimmer, strobe speed 1 ~ 12 times per second, built-in frequency ShanHong function.

Electric aperture of 5-100% linear calibration beam size,

Beam Angle: 12 ° ~ 24 ° linear variation regulation

Electronic linear focusing 2 meters to infinite

Level 450 °, 16 bit resolution

Horizontal, vertical, using light lotus root reset system,

After the misoperation accident happen, can automatically retrieve place

Good heat dissipation system fully, and overheating protection measures

Has the ability of photoelectric detection, light soaking time delay, lamp and control system has

Protection function, improve the stability of lamps and lanterns.

Can be controlled by external console or lamp before body end plate window,

Edit memory to run the program to the CPU in the body,

No programming controller can also be run or run a program that can be stored for eight scenes.

Set the security password for the client, can show light bulbs and lamps and lanterns use time

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