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250W Moving head light -12CH
Detail Info


Voltage: AC220-50-60 hz, 230 v

Light source: MSD 250 w

Power: 320 w

Fuse: 6 a

Socket: G9.5

Channel: 12 DMX channels

Prism: rotating prism

Wheel design: design of a rotating disc bidirectional, speed control, rotation effect

Color wheel: a color wheel / 7 color + on/switch half a color rainbow effect and high speed

Dimmer/flash: move light flash frequency of 110 times per second, speed controlled a 75 through thermal protection thermostat

Focus: linear focusing lens step by step

Rotation: 1.8 ° horizontally or vertically

Location: photoelectric reset system, automatic correction function

Level: biggest 450 °

Vertical: biggest 270 °

Speed: horizontal/vertical speed control 0-255

Color temperature: 4000 ° K

Crystal display, digital display the menu function

Dimension: 340 * 360 * 580 mm

Packing size: 480 * 440 * 630 mm

Net weight: 20.5 KGS

Gross weight:23 KGS 


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