High in the Sky: Frequent Flyer

July 14, 2014

If you’ve been following my adventures for a while now you’ll know I’m hardly in one location for a long period of time, flying all over the place, staying in lonely hotels (and judging them on their wifi speed), exploring new cities and just overall always on the move. Which is the nature of the business I’m in. So I only thought it would be fitting to dedicate this post to all things flying, straight from the horse’s mouth so to say! 


Fashion (#Farrrrshion) – As I pretty much spending most of my time at airports, you can imagine the amount of people I see passing by, mostly doing that cliche hot mess movie thing where they’re running down the terminals with their trail of baggage being dragged behind them in a bid to make the flight, and because of this I see a lot of interesting airport outfits.

 From the lady who’s decided to wear just about every single piece of jewellery she could find to only have to take it all off through security #Sigh, to the chic & well tailored business men & women who probably make the commute via flying 5 times a week who have it down pat. Then there’s the everyday go getter in their thongs, board shorts, mini skirts, UGG boots  track-pants, singlets and dare i say it CROCS

I understand you wanna be comfortable, that’s a major part in flying, but still try to make it work in your favour, here’s a few of my favourite items currently.


Health/Beauty – I’m sure a lot of you are aware (I hope) that being 40,000ft in the sky trapped in a metal tube which is constantly pressurised, is going the effect the body in some way or another. Whether it be dehydration, pressure, gas or bloating, you have probably experienced one of the few if not more. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated while flying, the air-conditioning will literally turn you into a dried out prune,

 So I compiled a little list of my favourite products to help combat the effects of flying and have you leaving the plane looking fresh and not death warmed up.


Etiquette – Like anything you do there are certain expectations and ways to behave, this also applies in the sky or around the terminal. Whether you’re trying for an upgrade or just simply to score a free cheese & crackers, these few tips could help you reach your goals! 

  1. Please & Thank Yous + Smiles 
  2. Stack your rubbish neatly.
  3. Give 2 minutes out of your busy life to watch the Safety Demo, they will love you.
  4. Use the bathroom at the airport, or before the carts come out.
  5. You make the mess, you clean it.

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