Mark Your Place

March 24, 2016

Another 7 days has past, another 7 long blacks were consumed. Seriously though I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I do without my caffeine hit, you feeling me? Then the scary part is when you go a day without a coffee and you start to get headaches from the caffeine withdrawals..that’s when you know you gotta cut down! #CoffeeIsMyCrack

Last weekend I was up early and in the city working on a new project for Australia menswear label Tarocash. It’s a little eery being in the city so early because the streets are so empty, but the positive to that is you don’t have a thousand people walking by staring at you thinking “Why is he just walking on the spot like an idiot” or “How many more times can he cross the road back and forth” The answer is until I get the god dam shot; Fun times!

The funny thing is when I started this blog and would be shooting out and about in public I would get so embarrassed and used to worry so much about what other people where thinking. Now days my confidence levels have really matured and I just don’t care anymore. I think to myself, I have a job I need to do, I have an end goal I’m striving for and better yet I’m probably never gonna see these people again. This also relates into my personal life as well, when you stop caring about what other people think about you and start doing things for you, because you want too, that negative energy you conjure just disappears. Life too short, don’t let other people’s opinions stand in your way!

Enjoy 🙂

Photography: Johnny Nicolaidis

Styling: Benji Condie 

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