From Work to a Water Fight!

February 5, 2016

Hey Guys & Girls, hope you’re all well, healthy and happy. I know I’m a few days late but “Pinch and Punch for the first day of the month”. It’s already February! Shout out to my little brother whose birthday was on the 1st, Happy Birthday Luke!

Last week on my Instagram I posted a photo from a small project I did with Calvin Klein for the launch of their new fragrance CK2! With so many photo options it would be such a waste to not share them with you all, whats your favourite?!

Just to set the scene, I had this idea that I wanted to shoot this project on a rooftop. Great in theory but I didn’t know anyone who had access to one. Now, my apartment is on the sixth level and scouting from my bedroom window I found the perfect location, only problem was it was on another building (minor obstacle). Sneaking into the building while pretending we were visitors from the UK, myself and Johnny resourcefully made our way up to the rooftop. Carrying a backpack full of camera equipment, water bottles, and product, it was lights, camera, action!

We had so much fun shooting this, literally drenching myself in water and running around like a lunatic, anyone watching from opposite apartment buildings would have been amused.

Anything for the photo right? #Dedication





Photography: Johhny Nicolaidis

Styling: Benji Condie

Jeans: Ksubi / Shirt: Armani Exchange / T-Shit: Venroy

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