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August 4, 2014

Todays the day I spill one of my health/fitness secrets with you, its the one that helps me get rid off that extra ice-cream I was “forced” to consume the other day #WhoAmIKidding & helps me get my abs back in no time! 

*Drum Roll*



Boys & girls, I am talking about the rope game we (the lucky ones) tried back in primary school. Skipping is so easy that five year olds can pick it up, yet its also still used as a boxer’s essential warmup exercise. Physically taxing and a good alternative to cardio work when the weather turns grey.

Few benefits for incorporating a skipping session into your next workout;

  plus watch this great Youtube video on different skipping techniques.

  1. Physical – Improved cardio-respiratory fitness, coordination, flexibility, symmetry, rhythm, and balance as skipping is both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. This is a form of high-impact exercise making it an efficient way to tone tights, hips, gluteus maximus, calves & help carve out that 6 pack.
  2. Mental – Benefits of skipping to the brain are mental alertness and coordination. Higher levels of coordination and mental alertness are necessary for reasonable skipping level. Both sides of the brain and both side of the body are working while you’re skipping and improve your mental ability to coordinate your body’s movements.
  3. Weight Loss –  Skipping is a calorie-torching exercise (you can singe up to 200 calories in just 15 minutes of moderate skipping) & it allows the body to develop a efficient energy system.

What’s more, the rope is so easy to carry around, so thats one less excuse to skip (no pun intended) your workouts when travelling, For the lazy ones I am sharing a few of my favourite skipping ropes to help you get started.

1. EverLast – Jump Rope | 2. Nike – Weight Rope | 3. Commando Steve – Speed Rope

So if your not already skipping, just remember summer is only around the corner so now is a good time to start! Share with me all your skipping photos/videos on Instagram by #BenjiausSkip so i can track all  your progress!

IMG_4236 IMG_1896 IMG_1898 FitnessBall

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