LIFESTYLE – #SecretDJset

July 20, 2014

 So it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to guess what this post is all about.. A week or so ago I was lucky enough to attended & hang out with William Adams AKA, (which is what he is probably more commonly known as) with sidekick for the night @JustJorisOfficial 

The event was held at the very secret location: The Carriage Works, which is a favourite of mine, and was sponsored by Ford Eco Sport in conjunction with The Voice Australia. As you could imagine it was set up like any other event, they even had a media wall & red carpet (who would of thought!!). The crowd was an intimate one, only a handful of people who where a mix of business executives, industry big guns & contest winners.

As the night progressed, the man of the hour got up to perform, prior to this he told me “Don’t judge me on that set hey”, to which I casually replied “ummm….. I don’t think you can do wrong musically lol”. The set was a combination of old classics including hits from Black Eyed Peas, too more recent hits, even including #Scream&Shout which ft the one & only Pop Princes Britney Spears.

Not only we were welcomed to the gig but Will had us in his dressing room & I must say the men does not stop. His brain is constantly ticking at a hundred miles an hour & has a certain energy that very few Stars possess which is overwhelmingly intoxicating. Fun all round & wishing & his team the best of luck tomorrow night in The Voice Australia Final!

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