Asahi Sydney #ExtraColdBar!

October 28, 2014

This week myself & Sydney’s most discerning beer drinkers, together with the country’s biggest celebrity and social influencers gathered to celebrate the official launch of the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar as it opened its doors for the first time in Sydney.

 Already a huge success in other parts of the world including Japan and Korea, the opening of the first-ever Australian Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar allowed guests to experience Asahi Super Dry and Super Dry Black served to absolute scientific perfection, poured fresh and at subzero temperatures – before anyone else. Let me tell you, when they use the catch phase “As smooth as silver” they’re not lying, this beer served this way is unbelievable! So fresh, crisp, light & completely refreshing perfect for Summer & just in time.

Proving this is one bar is not-to-be-missed this summer, Australian 7x World Champion pro surfer Layne Beachley (Pictured with below), rock star husband Kirk Pengilly and NRL veteran Nathan Hindmarsh were amongst the many who turned out to celebrate the grand opening.

Situated at 37 Bligh Street, right in the heart of the CBD, the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar boasts a relaxed vibe whilst exuding the sophisticated, premium nature of the Asahi brand. Giving a nod to its home-town, the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar is also serving up an innovative beer snack menu which is an Aussie beach culture perfect match .

The place for after work catch-up, lunches or celebratory drinks this summer, the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar opened to the general public (Friday 24th October) until Friday the 23rdJanuary 2015.

Opening hours are from Monday – Wednesday 4pm-10pm & 12pm- 10pm Thursday – Saturday.



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