Clicquot in the Snow.

July 3, 2014

Last Wednesday Night (24.06.14) I was lucky enough to attend the Annual Veuve Clicquot Winter Party with my good friend Michael Pell (Executive TV producer extraordinaire for Sunrise) which was held at the The Ivy (The Den Bar

The Night consisted of about 200 verve magnums being carried around by waitstaff dressed up in ski outfits, who where probably a lot warmer then i was at the time, but few champagnes down and that quickly changed, splashes of Veuve’s signature orange brand colour just about everywhere you could imagine, corporate suits and men/women who make a lot more $ then i do filled the venue, the standard 20 something fashion PR girlzzzzz also made a overwhelming appearance, as did the occasional celebrity and socialite. 


Insert the dreamy Australian Bachelor Tim Robards & his stunning girlfriend and winner of the Bachelor/All female Hunger Games/Lets put 20 single overly emotional female women on reality TV and let them fight over a man, Anna Heinrich. (Pictured Below) 

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