March 1, 2017

So that was kinda a massive, unplanned break! Apologies for the disappearing act the last couple of months, like always life and all your other commitments get in the way and something has to give for me that was the blog #SadFace. Hopefully everyone managed to have an amazing Christmas/New Year period surrounded by family and loved ones, I unfortunately didn’t make it home for Christmas last year as I got unbelievably sick and was grounded so I couldn’t fly anywhere, a little depressing, but onwards and upwards!

I read a great article the other day in Collective Hub about “Getting Your Sh*t Together” and it made me realise how much my time management skills need to improve. The writer Sarah was stuck in the 9-5 rat race and was permanently unhappy, until she decided to quite everything and move to the Caribbean. She lives by these three steps in order to get your shit together. Theres a great little flow chart that goes with it If you find the magazine.

  1. STRATEGISE: Set a goal and make a plan to achieve that goal in a series of small manageable chunks.
  2. FOCUS: Set aside time to complete each chunk.
  3. COMMIT: Do what you need to do to check off your chunks.

I find reading these articles is exactly what I need to bring myself back down to reality and start to focus on what I need to do. Time is constant and constantly moving forward so I need to try my best to keep up and keep on top off all of my commitments whether that be – Work, University, Fitness, Friendships, Family, Social Media. Each needs to be prioritised and given the same attention!

So if you’ve been following along on the good old Instagram, you’ll know I just got back from an amazing trip to BALI – I won’t go deep into that just yet, as it requires a seperate post so hold tight. Before I flew out I managed to organise some time with photographer Jake Weiz for a quick photoshoot while we we’re both In the same place at the same time. I wasn’t anything major in regards to artistic direction or style,  just stripped back, very casual and raw. Jake did an amazing job in capturing some pretty special moments! Which I’ll leave you all to be the judge off.

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  • Zuza March 1, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    Your body is amazing. Photos are wonderful. You are very handsome. Greetings from Poland, Zuza 😉

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