March 15, 2017

So this Bali blog post is finally here…. who knew it was so painful to upload videos to YouTube! Seriously that process needs to be fixed, I unfortunately kept making the mistake of letting my laptop fall asleep, which would then cancel the download process, this would continue for about 3 days until I decided to branch out and ask for help, but atlas I finally got there – Persistence is key!

It’s been my third time now travelling to Bali, with each trip boasting very different experiences. Which is a good thing because the last thing you wanna do is relive the same experience over and over again #GroundHogDay. This time around I decided not to stay in the same place for the entire stay, opting for a little more variety. With so many beautiful places in Bali it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. So three it was!


Villa Sungai – 

Located about 15/20mins out of Canggu this very private and luxurious Villa is ideal for those looking to beat the normal hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak, the ultimate for pure relaxation. With more chefs then house staff Villa Sungai prides themselves on their extensive food and drink options. We would order in the morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the chefs would source the freshest ingredients from the local markets and prepare the food on site. You seriously don’t ever have to the leave the Villa to eat, it’s completely self catered. Boasting 3 private king sized rooms, all three with outdoor showers and the master with an outside bathtub for that ultimate touch of luxury. Oh I forgot to mention the infinity pool which overlooks the river running along side the villa, on site spa room, private driver, one of the comfiest beds I’ve slept in and just overall good energy radiating from everyone who worked there. Would definitely stay here again and can’t speak more highly of this place!

Padma Ubud – 

Our second stop on the Bali adventure was deep into the Ubud forrest staying at Padma! Built in 2016 this extremely new resort pretty much offers everything you’re looking for in regards to a Balinese stay. Incredible views over the forest, magical infinity pool, top-notch facilities and spa, super friendly staff (like almost to the point it becomes creepy how nice they are, I mean that in the best way possible!) free shuttle bus to and from Ubud town centre, heaps of daily activities including sunrise yoga classes and more. While I was staying, there was still construction going ahead as they’re still building certain aspects of the resort which unfortunately was our view until we moved rooms. My only other negative would be I wasn’t a major fan of the food, found it all a little greasy and heavy. Personally as I enjoy my privacy I would rather stay at something a little more intimate, but Padma would definitely be ideal for a family holiday or elderly couple or those who don’t feel the urge to have to leave the resort!

Glamping Sandat – 

The last stop of the adventure was also in Ubud staying amongst the rice fields at Glamping Sandat, which was kinda off the main roads in the middle of nowhere. If you’re a fan of camping/glamping you’ll love it here. Peaceful, boutique and lush stepping into Sandat feels like you’ve kinda stepped back into the dinosaur ages or something out of Tarzan. The styling and execution is on point, and could be quite lovely for a couple with some rooms having a private plunge pool. If you’re used to finer things in life, like telephones and aircon this isn’t the place for you. Each room has a different musical instrument which notifies the staff at the hotel you require assistance, which is kinda cute. Once again as it’s quite isolated you can fall at the risk of getting bored quite fast, but they have board games in the communal area! Breakfast was kinda a let down, and the food at the hotel is priced quite high for Bali standards. But the staff and everyone who works there will go above and beyond for you if called upon.

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