March 17, 2016

Back to reality and back to paying top dollar for everything, it’s so good to be back in Sydney *Insert Sarcasm*. Unlike the popular holiday destination Bali, where you can get fresh Snapper on a bed of mixed couscous, vegetables and rocket with a hot towel waiting for about $7 AU. Now can you see why nearly 3.6 million foreign tourists along with 6.6 million domestic tourists flock to the tropical island every year? Those figures were taken in 2015, so these numbers are expected to increase as Bali continues to be among the top holiday destinations.

Surprisingly this was my first proper visit to Bali, and my verdict….Loved it!

Bali has always had a special place in the hearts of Australian people, last year on average 16,000 Aussies jumped on planes there a week, you do the math. Whether you’re there for the cheap beer, stunning scenery, world-class beachfront restaurants, unique Hindu culture, the surf, the unique mixture of colours and smells, and of course the people, who welcome you with open arms, gentle voices and huge smiles. Bali has a little something for everyone.

Okay back to my adventure!

I decided to stay in Seminyak, which I’m told is like the new Kuta, minus a good majority of  tourists. The Colony Hotel was my home away from home, which you’ll see from the photos below was perfect, a bloggers dream, everything is white and crisp! There’s only roughly about 20 room’s which is refreshing, private and peaceful it’s like a slice of classic colonial heaven tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

The food in Bali is amazing and cheap! Everywhere I went to eat, I wasn’t disappointed. Fresh, flavoursome, unique cuisines all cooked by renowned chefs, you can’t go wrong. I complied a list of my favourite places to eat around the Seminyak & Canggu region. These are just a scratch of whats out there!

– EATS –

  1. Sardine
  2. Mamasan
  3. Sargon
  4. Bambu
  5. Sea Circus
  6. La Lucciola
  7. Motel Mexicola
  8. Petitenget Restaurant and Bar
  9. Spicy Coconut Vegan
  10. METIS
  11. Nook
  12. Watercress
  13. Crate cafe
  14. Cafe Organic

While I pretty much ate my way through Bali, like I do every trip. I also managed to see and do  some pretty amazing things. I planned a day trip to Ubud where I got to see the famous Ubud Rice Fields, Monkey Temple, Tegenungan Waterfall, all which I highly recommend. But be prepared it’s a long day of driving around, and in my case driving around and taking photos.

Other places I recommend is SingleFin in Ulawata on a Sunday it’s the place to be. Get in early as the traffic is chaotic, but so worth the sunset and atmosphere. RockBar while it’s pretty grand and seems like it would be amazing, was a little bit of a let down for me. You can’t actually sit in the top of the bar (which is shown is all the photo’s) unless you’re staying at the Hotel #Annoying. There facials, then there’s 24K Gold facials, if you wanna luxe it up a bit and treat yourself to something a little out of this world head to Goldust in Canggu and get pampered and plastered with 24K gold, Vampire facial what’ Kim Kardashian?? Never drink the water from the taps (unless you want diarrhoea) or drinks with ice, remember it’s still a third world country. If you hire a scooter (which is the main form of transport in Bali) remember to always wear your helmet 1. Safety 2. The Police will pull you over and if so be prepared to bribe them. Another useful tip I learnt is don’t waste your own time going to the money exchangers on the street, who offer these amazing exchange rates. They are all con artists pretty much, make sure you triple count your money because they are so fast you don’t see them undercut you! Your better off going to a reputable currency exchanger.

And that pretty much sum’s up my #BenjiausTravelAdventure till next time!

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